Gintama: The Very Final Review

Gintama: The Very Final Review

Gintama: The Very Final is a fitting end to a hilarious and revered anime series, with equal parts heart, action, and silliness to last you a lifetime, but you’ll certainly wish there was more of it.

Gintama is Still The Best Anime Ever Made

Gintama is and will forever be my favorite of all time. In this video I wanted to focus specifically on that feeling of why I feel Gintama is uniquely special. No piece of media I’ve consumed – anime, fiction or otherwise – has ever compared to the majesty that is Gintama.

It is not just a comedy. If you have not watched Gintama, you are missing out on one of the most incredible and emotional stories you will ever experience.

Watch Gintama. You will love yourself for it.


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Gintama: The Very Final (2021) Spoiler-Free Anime Movie Review #shorts

We check out Gintama: The Very Final, known in Japan as Gintama: The Final (銀魂 THE FINAL) and boy oh boy is it a wild ride. Fans of the series will enjoy this movie for sure. Those that haven’t seen the series really should.


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Gintama The (Very) Final – REVIEW | Is It Really Final??? Or…

Kalau baca judulnya sih agak mikir ya, “apa iya Gintama bakalan tamat?”
Hampir enggak mungkin Gintama bakal berakhir, karena suka digocek gitu kan �� tapi ya tapi… ini adalah penutup cerita petualangan absurd dari Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura dan penduduk distrik Kabuki. So I reviewed this film, untuk SPOILER hampir enggak ada (kayaknya).

Yasudah ditonton saja videonya… kasih tau aku ya apa yang mau dibahas dikolom komentar, okay? ��Thank you for the support! ��

Backsound by 轍〜Wadachi〜 / SPYAIR【カラオケオフボーカル】 (映画『銀魂 THE FINAL』主題歌)【ガイドメロディあり 歌詞 ピアノ ハモリ付き フル full】わだち /

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Thanks for the memories – Gintama The FINAL Movie Review/Discussion

Thank you Gorilla, Sunrise, BNP, the wonderful Gintama community and everyone involved in the creation and enjoyment of this wonderful story. Always and Forever that Goatama greatness.

Spoiler Free – 0:00
Spoiler Discussion – 11:20

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