Elgato Wave 3 Review

Elgato Wave 3 Review

The Elgato Wave 3 marries an excellent mic with a powerful mixer to give GoXLR a run for its money.

Probably the Only Microphone You Need To Buy (Elgato Wave 3 Review)

What I use to stream and record gameplay

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Elgato Wave 3 vs Blue Yeti [USB Microphone] | Direct Comparison

Elgato Wave 3 Microphone was provided by Elgato for this comparison.

Direct feature and quality comparison between the new Elgato Wave:3 USB Microphone and the Blue Yeti USB Microphone.

This comparison provides a full breakdown of the available functionality offered by both microphone – and provides some insight into which microphone will be right for you.

#Wave3 #BlueYeti #Comparison

Elgato Project Wave Review – USB MIC + GOXLR = WIN | Wave:1 vs Wave:3 Explained

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Elgato Project Wave review – what is Project Wave? After many, many months, I can finally talk about it! “Project Wave” is actually two products: Wave:1 and Wave:3. These are USB microphones paired with a virtual mixer software akin to the GoXLR or Voicemeter which make for quite the compelling product, especially for the price.

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Elgato Wave:1 Microphone – https://geni.us/edaY
Elgato Wave:3 Microphone – https://geni.us/cIBG
Elgato Wave Shock Mount ($39.99) – https://geni.us/6gN52
Elgato Wave Pop Filter ($29.99) – https://geni.us/MoIA4ZH
(These links may not be available at first, product is JUST launching.)
Products sent for review by Elgato/Corsair. This video is not sponsored by Elgato/Corsair, however.
Project Wave prices:
Wave:1 is $129.99 and Wave:3 will cost $159.99
LEWITT Microphones: https://www.lewitt-audio.com/microphones/lct-recording/lct-440-pure?utm_source=YouTube-in &utm_medium=link &utm_campaign=EposVox

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00:00 Intro / “The Mystery”
01:15 Nerd or Die Ad
02:13 The Reality / What is It?
03:24 Is it a toy? (Physical Build & Overview)
04:29 A Tale of Two Waves (Wave:3 vs Wave:1)
06:02 Condenser Dispenser (Quality Test/Read)
08:20 Raw Sample & Comparisons
09:32 Important Mic Settings (Low Cut & Clipguard)
10:14 Clipguard Explained
11:41 Noise Rejection Test
12:05 Typing Test
12:17 Proximity Effect Test
12:24 Plosives Test
12:43 Pickup Pattern Discussion
13:21 The Software
20:09 Stream Deck Plugin
20:42 Software Complaints
22:55 Usability
25:31 Accessories
26:16 It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
26:27 Dual Microphone Usage
27:17 ASMR Test?
28:11 Dual PC Considerations
29:30 Conclusions & Pricing

Voicemeter – https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/

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“Broken Reality” – Incompetech https://incompetech.com/
Jeff II – “Rescue” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKBQRa1_ZugRI6USGwxkcug

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Elgato Wave 1 & 3 Microphone Review + Mic Test!

The Elgato Wave 1 and Wave 3 microphones are here with something cool up their sleeve. Check them out in this review and full mic sound test to see what I think…
• Wave 1: https://www.elgato.com/en/wave-1
• Wave 3: https://amzn.to/3dffj1g

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